Love Others

Have you ever met someone and even though they don’t really know you, you know they care so much about you and really want the best for you in life?  That is Reeve’s mission president and his wife.

In the LDS Church, it’s common for men to serve 2 year missions (and women to serve 18 month missions if they choose to).  They have a mission president, and once everyone’s home, it’s common to have a mission reunion near General Conference weekend.

Reeve’s reunion got postponed a week, and I wasn’t as excited for this one because the people I know most that are normally there wouldn’t be this time.  Well, we got there, and things were still great, it’s fun to see everyone.

But as we were leaving, we talked to President and Sister Cordon.  I didn’t even serve in their mission – I just married one of their missionaries – yet every time I talk with them, I leave feeling so loved! They are so genuinely interested in my life, so excited for our baby and want us to keep them posted on that, and just so encouraging.  I can’t imagine how much they care about those they actually know better! They’re incredible.

So I left thinking a lot about that, and I really want to be more like them.  I want to be someone who when others leave an interaction with me feel more uplifted and loved! So that’s my new goal.  Show more interest and love in those I interact with ❤


PS The mission reunion was postponed because Sister Cordon got called into the new General Primary Presidency, because she’s that great! (She’s the yellow ranger)