Life Lately

Everyday life can get busy, and looking back through my pictures and at my calendar, there have been a lot of memorable moments, so here’s a recap.

The Hildreth’s always give the best birthday gifts. Paisley just has great, creative ideas haha.  For a long time, she wanted to get Dallin a cane.  For Makenna’s birthday, she insisted on getting her a mermaid tail and a crown:0401161920

I made a chocolate chip cookie trifle for a young women’s activity. I just kind of made it up, combining a few trifle recipes, and it was delicious! Layers of homemade chocolate chip cookies, chocolate pudding mixed with whipped cream, and whipped cream!0419161448a

Dakota, Addie, and I helped with Jake’s wedding. We were in charge of pizza pickup for the luncheon.  We can just say, we got a lot of looks walking out of Costco haha0416161234

We did an Amazing Race/Survivor mutual, and this is my favorite picture from it! The challenge was one teammate had to wear a shower cap covered in shaving cream while the rest of the team tried to make as many Cheetos stick to it0503162005a

Josh got married! Never thought he’d settle down, but he did, and his wife seems great! [I was having a hard time coming up with a good wedding gift that wasn’t boring, and it was like I had a light bulb go off. My whole college major was about creating experiences for people, so what better gift than an experience gift.  Basically, I think Groupon will be my go to for gifts now.  Josh and his wife are adventurous, so I got them a pass to go paintballing.  Then a while later for Olivia’s bridal shower, I got her a certificate for a manicure. So many people have plenty of THINGS, so I think giving people experiences is so great!]

Oh and that’s Josh, me, Trevor. Reeve had class and couldn’t make it to the sealing.0506161439d

It’s mine and Reeve’s birthday month, so we took advantage of our free Tucano’s meal (it’s a shame it’s a buy one get one free, otherwise we could both eat free in May!) Reeve loves all the meat, but I personally am a bigger fan of the sides, grilled pineapple, and grilled veggies!0511161916

It’s so fun having the Hildreth’s around so often, and I’m excited for our kids to be around their grandparents too. I mean, how adorable is this?! Just hanging with Papa Vinnie!0401162059a

I’ve also been so blessed to have 2 baby showers, but I don’t have pictures from them yet, so I’ll get around to that later. It is incredible how supportive and generous people are though!

Here are a few videos from the last little bit, mostly of Paisley and Riley. There’s also a clip in there of my prego belly – it goes into a mountain shape when I lean back haha

Life Lately


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