Watercolor 101 – FAIL

I decided for my Knowledge project for Personal Progress, I would improve my watercolor skills, and my mom and Makenna decided to join me!  We’re all pretty artsy, and it doesn’t look terribly hard…boy were we mistaken haha. So we have a couple watercolor books, and we figured the best way to learn is probably trial and error.

We had our first “lesson” this week, and we pretty much just laughed the whole time at how terrible our paintings were turning out! It was a good time.  Honestly, I think theirs turned out pretty well, but I just kept changing what I was doing and trying new things on the same page, and it now looks like an elementary school collage kind of thing haha. We decided to keep our first paintings though so that we can compare later on and hopefully see some improvement!

Here’s attempt #1 from all of us


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