Birthday Week

Reeve’s birthday is May 23, and mine is May 25, so between our own celebrations and our families, we have a pretty good few days each year!

This year, we had a joint birthday dinner with my family that Sunday, where we had homemade Cafe Rio – one of my faves! We got some fun party/barbecue things, so we’ll need to have barbecue now!

Monday was Reeve’s birthday, and 2 of his favorite things are movies and meat. So, he left campus early and we headed to see Captain America: Civil War. We had a great tender mercy while we were at the theater! So, I have a dilemma with movies at a movie theater: it’s great to see movies at the theater, but it’s so expensive, so I prefer matinees, BUT, I hate the feeling that I wasted my day, and we would see movies on Tuesdays ($5 tickets all day), but we have church responsibilities (which honestly are probably a blessing – we would probably see a lot of movies on Tuesdays). Anyway! We were going to pay for our tickets, and a man came up to us.  He had 2 tickets because his son was supposed to see it with him, but couldn’t make it.  So he gave us his 2 tickets, and we bought him 1 ticket in return! We both got to see the movie for the price of one matinee ticket! Tender mercies.

After the movie (which we thought was pretty great), we went to Rodizio Grill.  Reeve served his LDS mission in Brazil, so he loves churrascos, but they’re expensive. So we go during May when we can get one free birthday meal. We’ve been to Tucano’s a few times but hadn’t tried this one.  In the end, we decided Tucano’s has better salads/sides and is cheaper, but Rodizio had the better meat.

We ended the night with cake and ice cream with his family, and they gave us a great combined gift.  We got a hiking baby carrier! It will be fun to get out and use it once our girl’s big enough for it.

For my birthday, I like trying random things/adventures, and it’s the best when they’re free! So, I heard about this idea from other places, but I did some research and rounded up as many absolutely FREE (none of the buy 1 get 1 free) birthday meals/food, and we took it to a park for a picnic.  It seriously was so so much food! We were stuffed and even had leftovers, and we didn’t even pick up all of the free food I had on my list.

All of that food was free!!!

So, here’s the list (some are Utah specific). And a lot you have to sign up for before hand and they’ll send you an email or something.  I signed up for most of these 2 weeks before, and it all worked out. Here it is starting with real meals and going down to desserts:

  • Firehouse Subs – Free medium sandwich with app (the Turkey Bacon Ranch is DELICIOUS)
  • Honey Baked Ham – Free ham sandwich with email signup (for signing up, I got some other coupons with it, so we actually got 3 free sandwiches!)
  • PF Changs – Free appetizer when you sign up for their special program (you won’t get an email/notification, but you just give them your phone number and it’s linked to your account. Also, the chicken lettuce wraps are great!)
  • Noodles and Company – Free entree (I didn’t actually try this one because we had so much food, and I hadn’t gotten any coupon. I may have signed up too late for this one. BUT, if you get it, the Penne Rosa is my favorite!)
  • Rubio’s – Free entree of choice with email signup (You also get a free taco coupon for signing up)
  • Red Robin – Free burger and fries with email signup (it seems they’ve gotten rid of it at some locations though? Check first. We skipped this one.)
  • Zaxby’s – Free Nibbler when you sign up – you’ll receive a postcard, so you have to signup early enough (Note: the nibbler is fairly small, but delicious)
  • Denny’s – Free Grand Slam breakfast, no sign up required, just ID (you get to choose 4 breakfast items for your meal)
  • IHop – Free stack of pancakes on your birthday with email signup (there are a lot of different kinds included, so check your options first! And the butter pecan syrup is always a good idea)
  • Kneaders – Free pastry, no sign up (we didn’t try this one because we already had so much food, but I love their chocolate dome and fruit tart)
  • Krispy Kreme – Free donut and drink with email signup
  • Del Taco – Free milkshake with email signup
  • Baskin Robbins – Free child scoop on your birthday with email signup
  • Rita’s Italian Ice – Free Italian ice with email signup (we didn’t actually do this one because neither of us are huge fans of Italian ice and we had a lot of other dessert options)

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