Spiral Jetty

So I’ve lived in Utah awhile, and I’ve seen pictures and heard about this Spiral Jetty.  It’s at the Salt Lake, and it’s this big spiral that goes out into the water (when there is water that far up).  I honestly don’t know the history behind it – some artist did it. But I’ve thought it would be cool to see.  So on a recent Saturday, Reeve and I decided to have an adventure.  We had to go north that night for a wedding, so we decided we would check out Spiral Jetty during the day and stop by the wedding on the way back.

Turns out Spiral Jetty is really far away, and really in the middle of nowhere! It was a lot farther than we originally thought, but we decided to go for it anyway. It was a little over 2 hours away from us.  We left that morning and stopped in Ogden for lunch.  One of our favorite things is trying local restaurants we’ve never been to, so we just did a google search of restaurants and found this one that looked pretty good: The Lucky Slice. 0521161234

You can get pizza by the slice (or order a whole one), and it was great! We’ll definitely eat there again if we’re up in Ogden for anything.

Well then we got back to driving. We missed the exit (my bad) and added an extra 15 minutes driving through random tiny towns because of it haha.  It’s way out in the middle of nowhere.  It’s by the Golden Spike, which I’m not sure gets too much traffic either because of the location haha.

When we got to the Spiral Jetty, there were a lot more cars there than we expected.  It also was a bit smaller than I thought it’d be, and the water wasn’t up to it.  I don’t mean to sound negative, it was just not what we expected at all. Here it is though:0521161459a.jpg

We walked out to it then decided to walk out to the water.  It just looked so weird – you just see a big line of foam walking up to it. I grabbed a handful of the foam – big mistake! – and my hands were disgusting until we found a bathroom and sink to wash off in.  The foam just disintegrated into salt and dried my hands out and made them really gritty. But it was pretty cool, unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  Also, because there’s so much salt, the water line is basically just a huge thing of salt. I broke off a piece and dared Luke to lick it – he did, classic 12 year old boys. We ended up not staying too long though, because we both really had to use the bathroom (pregnancy problems haha), but I don’t think we missed out on anything there.

Overall, I’m glad we went! It was a fun adventure. I’m not sure we’ll ever be back, unless we for some odd reason are nearby!


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