41+ Weeks Pregnant

God is so much smarter than us.  He can see so much clearer than we can and knows what’s best for us in the long run.

My baby was due June 14th.  I was sure she was going to come early.  My husband had tons of family in town until about June 22 (the day his sister went into the MTC to go on an LDS mission). Of course she would meet the baby before.  What I really was concerned about at first was having the baby and being overwhelmed with everyone wanting to see her and the house being so crowded and noisy.

Well, my entire pregnancy went really smoothly.  I didn’t get very sick, I never got the pregnancy waddle, I didn’t gain too much weight other than my stomach, things were good.  I felt pretty good the whole time.  I did get some pretty crazy cankles right at the end though haha (see below). But, regardless of how smooth it had gone, I was so ready to NOT be pregnant anymore! Not so sure I was ready to have the baby, but I was so done with being pregnant that I wanted to go into labor.  I was just so huge.  I couldn’t handle it – it was hot, I couldn’t bend over, I just couldn’t move easily…

When I went to see my doctor a week or two before my due date, we talked about a plan in

case she didn’t come by her due date.  Intermountain Healthcare has a policy that with first time moms, they won’t induce until 41 weeks, and you can only be induced by your own doctor.  Well as luck would have it, my doctor was going out of town and wouldn’t be back until 10 days after my due date (2 days after Sarah and all Reeve’s family left).  I tried talking to several different people at the doctor’s office and the hospital, begging to be induced sooner, but they just said nope.

After that response, I decided to try all the wives tales that supposedly put you into labor.  And boy did I get a lot of input and suggestions I didn’t ask for. When people would see how pregnant I was (I was getting really huge!), they would start saying things like “you need to walk that baby out!” “go jump on the trampoline” “you know how to get that baby out? The same way you got it in!” etc.

After trying *almost* everything I had heard/read, I was getting pretty discouraged.  I had gone on walks, jumped on the trampoline, eaten eggplant parmesan, had sex, you name it (except for drinking castor oil), I tried it.

On Friday June 17, I felt miserable!!  I was sure I was going to have her.  I was throwing up, couldn’t eat anything, and feeling awful.  After talking with my doctor’s office, I was told to hang out at home and if I threw up more and it all continued, to come in.  It didn’t improve, so when Reeve got home from work, we went to the hospital.  They hooked my up to an IV with saline and monitored the baby.  Reeve and I hung out there for a couple hours.  We watched some random TV shows like Tanked (a show about fish aquariums haha).  After waiting awhile, I was sent home.  I was so mad.  I felt a lot better, but I was so tired of being pregnant and had felt so miserable!

After that I pretty much just had to tell myself I wasn’t having her until the 24th when I would be induced.  I thought a lot and realized that yes, I was really tired of being pregnant, but a lot of the reason I wanted to have the baby was pressure from others.  All of Reeve’s family (immediate and extended) wanted to see the baby before they went home to different parts of the country.  I wanted to please them. But you know what, I had no real control.  God’s timing is not always the same as our timing.  Looking back now, I see that it’s actually good that she didn’t come until after.  That first week as a mom was insane.  Exhausting with lots of tears from not being emotionally or physically 100%.  I feel bad that some family members didn’t get to meet her, but they’ve seen pictures, and that will just have to do for this one.

To read more about the actual delivery, read my next post!


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