June: Month 1


Our first month with June basically consisted of hanging out at home trying to figure out this parenting/baby thing.  Because the days were so uneventful, we have tons of pictures of June.  She’s just too cute to not take pictures of!

It’s crazy how much they change in such short time! June started out looking a ton like Reeve, but she looks more and more like me now.

Here are a few fun details of June’s first month:

  • The cul-de-sac: She lost her hair on top and looked like an old man
  • Her hair looks red in the sunlight
  • Her eyes are blue/gray so far
  • We call her “Flops” or “Floppsy,” I think it’s pretty obvious why
  • She can’t stay awake while eating, so she drinks bottles at night

We also have a photographer friend, Erin, and she took some great pictures of June when she was about 1 month. Here are some favorites from the month, and here’s a link to a video of July and August

She’s a pretty happy baby 🙂

She makes some really great faces

I love the details

Some pictures from Erin

Some more from throughout the month. She’s so pretty

I adore her ❤


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