Labor and Delivery

Well, our little girl must’ve been real comfortable, because she was not coming out on her own!  Friday, June 24 was the day I was going to be induced if she didn’t come on her own.  Well, she didn’t.

So Friday morning we got ready and luckily got to go into the hospital at 9:45am (I’ve heard stories of people supposed to get induced but the hospital wouldn’t let them come in until like 5pm). It was so weird leaving the house knowing that we would come back as parents.

But we got all checked in, they gave me the pitocin at 11am and a little later my doctor came in and broke my water.  Reeve and I pretty much just hung out and watched TV for awhile, played some cards. We watched a few episodes of Tanked again (we decided it’s our hospital show haha).  We also took this picture and Reeve sent it to family/friends…IMG1854730068.jpg

Totally fake haha.  Everything was good and we were just waiting.  The doctor and nurses said I’d probably have her around 9pm – that seemed like forever away!  But anyway, the nurses said I could have the epidural anytime I wanted, but first labors usually last long and you wouldn’t want it to wear off.

Well, around 1pm (only 2 hours after the pitocin), I was in pain. I asked for the epidural the next time the nurses came in, and she said “let’s just wait til I check you in 30 minutes”. Well, 45 minutes later she showed up and I told her I needed the epidural.  It was just super painful cramps basically.  So she got the anesthesiologist in, and I got the epidural at 2pm.  Turns out I was dilated to a 5 (more than the nurse suspected).  Okay and all the stories of the epidural being terrible…I honestly didn’t know that I had gotten it yet haha.  The IV hurt more than the epidural haha.

Well, let me tell you – epidurals are AMAZING!  It started relieving the pain so fast, and pretty soon I couldn’t feel anything from my stomach down haha.  We basically just waited while my body did the work.  My family came to visit:


They were going to leave, but the nurse checked me right when they left the room, and I was fully dilated!  The nurses were pretty shocked it happened that fast.  So my family waited in the waiting room.  It was just me and Reeve in the delivery room when we had her.

So they said it was time to start pushing.  They would have me push 3 long times during each contraction.  I pushed for 2 contractions I think, then they said I had to stop because my doctor wasn’t going to get there in time (his office was across the parking lot).  So we just waited haha.  When Dr. Jones showed up, a contraction started, I pushed once, I started pushing the second time, and they told me to stop. I was so shocked when they held up our baby girl. It happened so fast, it didn’t feel real!  Reeve got to cut the umbilical cord (he said it was really strange), then they handed her to me.  It really just didn’t feel real.  I couldn’t believe she was born so fast!

June Hazel was born Friday June 24, 2016 at 4:56pm (just short of 6 hours from the time I got induced).  She was 21 inches and 8 lbs 3 oz.  She looked a lot like Reeve when she was first born.

We stayed in the hospital for 2 days.  We had the best nurse, Janie.  Lots of family visited, and Jackie came too.  We really felt so much love from everyone, and I felt super blessed that the labor and delivery went so smoothly.  I had a 2nd degree episiotomy (whatever that means haha) but the recovery was smooth also.  I never got up to taking the serious painkillers, I just took Midol occasionally.  I really was blessed!


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