Living with in-laws with a newborn

June is the first grandchild and great-grandchild in Reeve’s family.  You can imagine the excitement from them.  We live in Reeve’s parents’ basement apartment right now while he’s finishing school.  Before June was born, I was so sure we were going to be so crowded and smothered when she was born because everyone would always want to see her and hold her, etc.  Well turns out those were just more paranoid thoughts, assuming the situation wouldn’t be ideal. Well I was totally wrong.  Living in their basement has been a total blessing!

The first week home with June was hard.  One night specifically Reeve and I were so exhausted, and June would not sleep.  After lots of trying and frustration, he called his mom, and she stayed up with June for like 3 hours while we got to sleep.  She did this a few nights the first week or two, and what a relief that was!  She also was so willing to watch June for an hour or so in the morning so I could get a little more sleep.  I feel a little bad because I know my mom wanted to help, but it was just kind of weird because we live with another family.  My mom did help out a lot though after a couple weeks when Reeve’s mom and all his sisters were at girls camp for the week.

So the first month with June, they were such a blessing in letting me get a little more sleep.  Then after that, like I touched on in my breastfeeding post, they were ideal in letting me have my much needed time without June every once in awhile.  They are so good to watch her while I run errands, work on my Etsy shop, or Reeve and I go see a movie or do something fun.  This has truly saved my life.  I feel a lot more comfortable asking them to watch June since we live with them than if we had to plan it out and drop her off.

Also, I was worried about being crowded…they are so good to not be overbearing.  They give us space, yet are always willing to help out when asked.  It’s pretty obvious that June is so loved here.  We all are really, and I’ve gained a greater love for my in-laws through this.

They also are so great to always take pictures, so June is going to have a very documented life!


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