Tea Party

We had a tea party.  We’ve never had one before, but my mom decided to have a granddaughter tea party.  I wish I had taken more pictures, because it was the event to remember!  I went over with June, and we got told that Paisley was coming very well dressed, so we kind of got carried away from there.  My mom ran up, threw on a fancy dress, did a fancy curled up-do, Makenna got in a dress, Luke got in a suit and tie, I had a sunhat, June was wearing a onesie that looks like a teacup, and the Hildreths showed up in fancy clothes, including a bowtie for Riley.

We had lace tablecloths, Makenna found a vintage tea party playlist, we had tiny china, and tiny food.  We ate with pinkies up and tried to talk in accents.  It was really more hilarious than anything.  I love my family!  I hope this happens again.


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