June: Month 2


June’s second month was a little more exciting.  We actually left the house a bit and did some fun things.

Here are some changes for her this month though:

  • Her hair is growing back on top
  • It’s kind of dark blonde/light brown with a hint of red
  • Blue gray eyes most days
  • She loves to “stand”
  • Strong neck
  • Gone completely to pumped bottles
  • Moved into crib in her own room
  • Smiles lots!

Here’s a video of July and August

Here are pictures of our month:

We went to a little beach park

The Olympics happened, Brazil won gold for soccer

Reeve blessed June into the LDS church.  He gave her a great blessing saying she would have the gift of discernment; have a great love for others, and they would be able to know the sincerity of her love; blessed with learning and reading between the lines; and patience.


Lyric and Cohen came to visit.  Cohen loves babies, so he loved June.  We mostly hung out, but one night we went to an outdoor concert in Park City.  It was a lot of fun!

And here are some other pictures from the month.  We also had a little stay-cation the few days before Reeve went back to school, so that is in another post.



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