June: Month 3


Month 3 (mostly September) has been fun! June is such a joy! A few things from this month:

  • started to scoot/squirm
  • She’s very social – she always wants to be where everything’s going on. She’s got FOMO (fear of missing out), so she doesn’t do great with naps
  • Responds/mimics faces
  • Loves to “talk”
  • Covers her face with her hands
  • She tries to laugh (September 12)
  • Loves blankets!

Funny story: Emma went to kiss her feet while she was being held, but June kicked her in the face instead, then while laughing, Emma went to sit down and missed the bench and fell on the ground.

Also this month for Reeve and I:

  • Reeve got his capstone assignment for the year: he’s working with Sunroc to design prefabricated roofs
  • I bottled lots of peaches with my mom and Cheltsea – they’re so delicious!
  • We floated the Provo river twice – once with Brittany and Thomas, and another time with my family (to read about our little Utah Staycation, click here)
  • June, my mom, and I went to Manti for the day for my cousin’s wedding
  • We went to the Dinosaur Museum with the Hildreths for $2 Tuesday
  • Reeve and I did an escape room called “Eskaped” with Brittany, Devin, Jared, and Nick

June is just adorable and a poser. We’re a little obsessed with her!

Also shameless plug: that triangle quilt is from my Etsy shop Happy Adventurer

And here’s our 1 Second Everyday video of September, here – September 20 audio is the best!


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