Utah Staycation



With June being born and Reeve’s internship, we didn’t get around to a real vacation this summer.  Summer slipped by so fast and before we knew it, there were only 2 weeks left before school started! So, we decided the best we could do was a staycation.  Reeve told his work his last day was the Wednesday before school started, so we had Thursday, Friday, and the weekend.

We’re super blessed to have so many babysitters willing to help, so we were able to slip away and do a few fun things without June.

Thursday morning we went to the temple and ended up doing sealings because they needed more help there, and we were cutting it really close to the session.  Later that day, we went to Dick’s Sporting Goods.  There was a mountain bike Reeve’s been eyeing, and it was 60% off.  Still not a cheap purchase, but we had to consider it.  Then, after really thinking it through and putting the bike on hold, we picked it up the next morning.  It’s Reeve’s graduation present, 9 months early haha.

Friday we floated the Provo River with Brittany and Thomas.  It was Reeve’s first time and my second.  It was fun!  It was a little warmer than we expected, and there were more rapids, so that was fun!

Saturday we went mountain biking in Alpine (there are a ton of trails up there).  Reeve loves his new bike, and now I have his old one, and I’ve realized how bad my bike was haha.

We also wanted to go to Seven Peaks since Reeve hadn’t been yet this summer, but it was closed for private events.  So we just extended our summer a little bit, and after Reeve’s classes on Monday we went to Seven Peaks for the afternoon with Luke and my mom.  My mom watched June while we went on some rides.  It was perfect because everyone started schools, so the lines were all really short!

While we weren’t able to go on a typical vacation, I think we made the most of our circumstances and had a fun last hoorah to summer!



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