My name is Taylor, and my husband is Reeve.  I’m starting a blog to serve more as a personal journal/history.  Journaling is hard to keep up with, so hopefully typing and having the option to add pictures and such will keep me going!

As for the blog name, every life is an adventure, and attitude is a choice, so I hope to make our life together a happy little adventure!


We’re from Utah and have been married for 2 years.  We met in high school, dated a little, Reeve served a mission for the LDS church in Brazil, I went to Brigham Young University, he got back and joined me there, we got married, I’ve since graduated, he still has awhile, and we’re expecting a baby girl in June!

There’s the super brief summary of us. We really like going on adventures, being outdoors, traveling, spending time with family, being creative, and just living life together.

Because we’re poor college students/young married couple, we try to keep things exciting by finding fun around Utah.  The picture above was a few years ago at the Up house in Herriman, Utah.  To make the day a little more exciting, we dressed as tourists, and it was just so perfect that some little kids were selling grape soda down the street (fitting with the movie Up).

We also like camping and visiting national parks, so here are a few pictures from those:

Well thanks for stopping by and learning about us.  I hope you enjoy following along as we live our happy little adventure 🙂


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